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Miworth Community Association Meeting

After many years of supporting and leading the the Miworth Community Association as President, Tracey Summerville has put forth her resignation. To maintain our non profit status as per the BC Society Act which allows us to maintain our hall and rink, pay for electricity gas, etc with grant funds, the association must have a minimum number of directors and members. Without these minimums we are subject to disolution and a liquidation of assets.
This meeting is to discuss a path forward and the needed support if the Association is to continue.

Location: Miworth Community Hall

Date: September 8, 2012

Time: 7-9 pm


Notice of Public Consultation from May 28 to July 6, 2012 about BC Hydro’s Draft Integrated Resource Plan

Public, stakeholder and First Nations consultation – next steps

BC Hydro is seeking feedback on its draft Integrated Resource Plan–a long-term plan for meeting its customers’ growing demand for electricity. Public and stakeholder consultation takes place between May 28 and July 6, 2012, and First Nations consultationbetween June 26 and August 13, 2012.

The draft Integrated Resource Plan and accompanying consultation Discussion Guide will be available on May 28, 2012, along with an online Feedback Form.

The deadline for public and stakeholder feedback on the draft plan is July 6, 2012.








Miworth Family Christmas Party

Family Christmas Party
December 9th at the community hall. 5:00pm to 7:00pm. 
Please bring a snack to share and a small, wrapped present for your child with their name on it (approximately a $10.00 value). 
There will be crafts and games, as well as a visit from someone jolly.
Everyone welcome.
Any questions, please call Lorna at 250-562-2928



Minutes from the MCA, AGM.

Annual General Meeting 2011

Called to Order by: Tracey Summerville

Motion to accept Agenda: Scott D, Second by Lorna O

Motion to accept Minutes from last meeting: Lorna Ogilvie,  Second by Scott D  


Number of members present: 13


Members Present: Tracy Summerville, Rennae Pillipow, Lorna Ogilvie, Nicola Dean, Stephen and Joan Forster, Scott and Pippa Dobie, Gwen Preston, Angela Lefebvre, Amanda Ruff, Lara Beckett


Action 1

Plan Family Xmas party

Action 2

Membership/ Events information  - look for ways to get information out to community members

Action 3

Considerations to community member rink usage – user fee lock box to cover maintenance costs

Action 4

Amanda R to ask husband to build lock box

Action 5

Scott to make sign indicating costs for maintaining rink.

Action 6

Tracy to contact Beverly member (Ronda Gerard) to cost out resurfacing of rink and board replacement

Action 7

Consideration for rotating snow removal in car park to reduce costs

Action 8

Membership drive to commence in January

Action 9

Set up Neighbourhood/ Crime watch meeting to discuss community policing

Action 10

Consider getting new signage for community watch

Action 11

Offer 3R free advertising on Facebook to promote recycling in community

Action 12

Tracy to make newsletter for Xmas Party and to be placed on notice boards

Action 13

Laura to look into signage on Flint and Lindsey Corner (bad corner in dark)

Action 14

Tracy and Lorna to seek quote for mending rink bungalow damage (doors, window frames lights) – seeking Grant – In - Aid funding

Action 15

Tracy to approach Meridith to look at including a service fee on property taxes (begin discussion)


Correspondence: Tracy

  • Regional District: Fall 2009 Liability Property Inspection for Miworth Skating Rink Property. Repairs listed as per letter received (most items have been addressed)
  • Regional District: Fall 2009 Liability Property Inspection for Miworth Community Hall Property. Repairs listed as per letter received (repairs have been addressed)
  • Liability Inspection Certificate – May 18, 2010
  • Community Grants in Aid - $6,870 to assist costs of repairs to the hockey rink and for expenses related to the Miworth Community Play Group.
  • BC Registry Services – reminder 2011 Annual Report
  • Applicant for Bursary : Motion to accept Daniel Delong as the recipient of these funds: Nicola D, Angela L
  • Thank you letter from PG Road Runners for use of hall – April 24, 2011


Treasurer’s Report: Scott D

Gaming Account: $7,936.05 (Oct 2010)

General Account: $3,224.84 (Oct 2010)

Bills: $ ?

Motion to accept financial statement: Joan F, Lorna O,  Second by Tracy S


Fund Raising Report: Tracy

$100 donation from road runners

$50 donation given from community member

  • ·         Regular bottle drives to be held at Hall for 2012


Recreation Report:

1. No recent events

2. Discussion on holding annual Xmas Brunch

Contact: Lorna Ogilvie ph#: 562 2928 or email: squarebl@telus.net

Family Xmas Party: Friday December 9th    

Time: 5 -7pm planning well underway.


Newsletter Report: Tracy Summerville

  1. Working well – information is getting out to community via facebook
  2. Need to address way to reach non facebook users


Building Report: Troy (absent)

  • ·        
  • ·         Rink maintenance – need volunteers to assist in upkeep
  • ·         Rink did get repaired – surfacing repair
  • ·         Snow removal cost has gone up - $120
  • ·         Deck to be cleaned off by Liam Dobie


Social Report:

  • Family Xmas Party: Friday  Dec 9th  (5pm – 1pm)


Membership Report: Scott (Absent)

For new membership please contact Lorna Ogilvie ph#: 250 562 2928  squarebl@telus.net

  • ·         $325 for 2011 memberships
  • ·         2012 Membership drive to commence with Xmas Party Dec 9th , 2011
  • ·         Volunteers for collecting membership – Angela, Pippa, Amanda and Nicola
  • ·         Life time membership for residents who have lived in Miworth over 25yrs


Hall Rental Report: Lorna

  • Hall rentals continues to be good - $1700 includes donations ($150)
  • Consider service fee on taxed for covering running costs of the hall (maintenance reserve fund, insurance, heating and phone line) – may need a referendum, petition etc
  • ·         Hall rental rate increase
    • ·         membership rate $60 (4hr) $120 (Full day)
    • ·         non member fee rate $125 (4hr) $250 (Full day)


Miworth Concerns:

  • Many break-ins in both homes and vehicles
  • What is the plan of attack with RCMP and criminal activities
  • Excessive dumping of waste at transfer stations – discussed means to reduce overload
    • Free card access to take excess waste to Quinn Transfer Station
    • 3R recycling advertising


Old Business

  • Gravel pit issues – increased number of trucks on road (currently not screening gravel). There is no limitation to how many trucks on road whilst only moving gravel


New Business:

  • ·         River bank issue to be discussed at a later date with Lara Beckett
  • ·         Emergency exit plan – who needs assistance – list needs to be updated
  • ·         Regional district review  of emergency plan responses will be update in 2012


Elections for Executive Positions

Treasurer:  Scott Dobie - Nominated by Lorna O 

President: Tracy Summerville

Hall Rental: Lorna Ogilvie (returning)

Secretary: Rennae Pillipow (returning)

Building: Troy Belbeck

Social Director: Gwen Preston


Motion To Adjourn: Lorna O,  Second: Gwen P


Letter to the Residents of Miworth.

The Miworth Community Association AGM is scheduled for November 29th at 7 p.m.
Why should you attend?
The Miworth Community Association (MCA) works hard to keep the community hall and rink functioning. Last year, the MCA, like other community associations was hit hard by the reduction in gaming funds. We used to receive about $5000 a year which covered the costs of insurance (for the hall and the rink); the telephone bill for the hall (for which we are charged a “business line” rate, which is considerably more expensive than a residential rate); and heating and electricity. Last year our grant was cut in half and so we had to find the funds elsewhere which means we were cutting into other funds that we could have used for the playground or the rink. We do receive some funds from the Regional District. We have to write a grant for those funds and we have successfully received money for the upgrade of the rink; for some new playground equipment; for the paper waste boxes at the mailboxes; and for directors’ liability insurance. All other funds have to come from memberships, hall rentals and fundraising activities.
There are currently seven Executive members of the MCA: Scott Dobie, Rennae Pillipow, Lorna Ogilvie, Troy Belbeck, Erin Freeman, Craig DeLong, and Tracy Summerville. Craig and Erin are leaving the Association after this AGM. We want to thank them for their commitment. Craig has been Treasurer for so many years that we have lost count. We will be lost without him. Erin contributed to the building of our original website and was diligent in ensuring the newsletter got done during her time as newsletter editor.
This letter is kind of a plea to community members. First, we need to ask everyone to pay their membership. We changed the dates on the membership to go from January to December. This January we are asking every household to consider either renewing their membership or buying their membership for the first time. Membership fees are just $25 per house. Some people may not be aware of the advantages of supporting the Miworth Community Association with their membership and participation. Below is a list of just some of the benefits to be had:
 Subsidized Swimming Lessons
 Use of the Miworth Community Hall at a discounted rate
 Insured use of the Ice Rink
 Insured use of Playground and ball field
 Support for the maintenance of the rink, including snow blower, heated change room, and hot water for ice maintenance
 Santa’s Breakfast
 Grade 12 post-secondary Bursary
 Access to a Regional District representative who can present community concerns to the Regional District.
 Community Association sponsored dances
 Opportunities to get to know your community and neighbours
 Mom’s and Tots get-togethers at the Hall

The second request we have is that community members attend the AGM. We understand that families are busy but if just one person from your household could attend, this would help us to gauge community interest in our activities and to recruit some help for specific activities.
Finally, if anyone is interested in serving on the MCA Executive please either attend the AGM or call Tracy Summerville at 250-563-5457 or email summervi@unbc.ca. We really need your help. The five remaining Executive members cannot do all the work alone and there is a lot to be done. We need to organize a group to work on the finishing the playground. We need some grant writers to help us find funds to keep the hall and rink running. We also need to plan and run some community events.
We hope this letter has given you some useful background information about the Miworth Community Association and that you will consider joining us on November 29th at 7 p.m. We will try to keep the meeting short. Children are welcome.

Thank you,
Tracy Summerville
President MCA

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