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Paper and packaging recycling

Miworth Community,

 As many of you may already know, the Recycling Regulation was amended on May 19th, 2011 to add packaging and printed paper as a new product category (as well as to complete minor and administrative housekeeping amendments).  For a copy of the Regulation and more information on the amendment, please visit our website atwww.recycling.gov.bc.ca.

  As a follow up to the various meetings hosted by the Ministry of Environment with the producers of packaging and printed paper, local governments and the waste management industry in the this spring of 2011, we are hosting a series of public meetings this fall.

  On Thursday September 15, 2011, the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the Solid Waste Association of North America Pacific Chapter – BC and Yukon will be hosting a meeting/conference call.  This meeting/conference call will be held in Richmond the morning of September 15th.  Pre-registration is required.  The meeting/conference call is no charge with an optional networking lunch.   For further detail and registration, please visit www.swanabc.org.  There will also be a follow up meeting in December as part of SWANA’s Conference (December 1st and 2nd).

 Further meetings will be hosted by the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with representative(s) from producers/producer agencies intending on developing a product stewardship program for packaging and printed paper.  The meeting dates and locations are as follows.


Prince George - Tuesday October 11, 2011

The Coast Inn of the North

770 Brunswick St.

12:30pm - 2:30pm


Webinar/conference call option for those outside of BC

 Wednesday October 19th

10:00am – 12:00pm

Colm will follow up with webinar options will those registered.

 The Ministry will also be hosting a webinar/conference call option on Friday, October 21st


Please RSVP to Colm.Condon@gov.bc.ca by September 30th, if you plan to attend.


We look forward to discussing this subject further with many of you during these upcoming meetings.


Kind Regards,

Teresa Conner

Senior Policy Advisor

Environmental Standards Branch |Ministry of Environment

3rd Floor - 2975 Jutland | Victoria  BC | V8W 9M1 
T: 250.387-9754 | F: 250. 356-7197


Miworth Community Potluck BBQ - Friday, October 7th 6 PM.


Miworth Community Potluck BBQ.

Friday, October 7th
6 PM
Miworth Community Hall
Bring what you would like to grill and a side dish to share.

Click here for our Facebook event page.


Gaming Review update.


Feedback requested, Ministry of Transportation.

Lara Beckett will be meeting with the Regional Manager for the Ministry of Transportation later this fall.

"I hope to be meeting with the Regional Manager for the Ministry of Transportation this fall. I would like to know of any highway, road, intersection, signs, lights, passing lanes, ditches, slumps, colverts, snow clearing etc. etc. issues that you might know of and would like me to raise at the meeting. I would like as much detail as you can provide about the issue, and what you see might be a solution. I will of course be bringing up the issue of a separated bike lane, realignment away from the two rail crossings, and thanking them for the fresh paving. Regards, Lara Beckett"

Feel free to send them to me and I can consolidate, ocpick@gmail.com or directly to Lara.