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Notice is hereby given that a public consultation meeting into Temporary Use Permit No. 197 will be held:
7:00 p.m.
Monday, May 2, 2016
Miworth Community Hall
13510 Flint Road
Prince George, BC
Temporary Use Permit No. 197 is proposed to allow the mechanical crushing, screening and stockpiling of waste asphalt and concrete on the subject parcel for a three year term. The property is legally described as That Part of Block A of District Lot 7866 Cariboo District Lying to the South East of the Southerly Boundary of Block D of District Lot 7866. The property is located near Catherine Drive in the Miworth area. The owner is R. F. Klein and Sons Ltd. Inc. No. BC0065411.

Minutes for MCA AGM

The minutes for the MCA AGM that took last week are posted here.  

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Miworth Community Association AGM

The MCA AGM is on November 17th, 7:30pm at the Miworth Community Hall.  

The following positions are open in the Association executive:
Building Maintenance
Miworth Voice publisher/coordinator
Membership coordinator
  We would also like to invite any interested persons to be “at large” for subcommittees or as required for special projects.
  A functioning association is a mandatory requirement in order to retain our facilities in the community and without your support we cannot maintain a strong Community Association.


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Miworth Newsletter

The latest Miworth Newsletter can be found here.  


Letter from MCA president, Sandy Long....


I am writing to you in our Miworth newsletter to make you aware of a looming challenge that your Miworth Community Association (MCA) Executive has been wrestling with for the last few months.  For many years the MCA was able to access grant money to construct and maintain the Miworth Community Hall.  These funds were primarily sourced as benefits from various Provincial and local gaming activities.  We were able to improve on a rudimentary modular building, which now is an attractive and functional meeting-place for the Community and for the general public.  We are now facing a substantial shortfall to make up for the lack of gaming funds.  Although the MCA has funds for the immediate future, we can see that at some time in the next year or two, we may not be able to continue operations.  To lose our community meeting-place would be a real shame.

So, what to do?

There are a few options that come to mind, and I expect that more than one will be used:

  • Raise funds through volunteer initiatives – dances, sports, etc.

  • Cut costs (we have tended to do very minimal maintenance, much with volunteer labour – not much gain in this approach)

  • Raise and expand rentals – we are short of renters as it is now.

  • Get help through Government taxation.

The MCA Executive has prepared a questionnaire, which is available online at www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZYCNZ28, or in hard copy form (see attached form).  We would really like to get comments and help from you in charting a successful course that will ensure our Hall remains the centre of Miworth community activities.  We would like all responses in by the end of May.  If there is general consensus on the need for action to save the Hall, we will ask the Regional District to help with a feasibility study, to see what the terms of a financial support structure would be.

My personal perspective has been that the Hall is a great asset to have and is absolutely critical to the functioning of the MCA.  My family has rented the Hall several times over the last 25 years that we have lived here.  The price was low and the atmosphere congenial.  My sons and I constructed the sports field in the early 90’s with the help of neighbours and other local businesses, because we saw a recreational need for the youth of Miworth.  The Community dances and Hallowe’en celebrations have also been high points.  I think we all must think seriously about our facilities and make a strong commitment to their upkeep.  



Sandy Long